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Bowmar Appraisal continues to search out and keep up with the many changes in the assessment field and the technology that continues to flow into the assessment field. We use the latest technology to accurately help us value properties and keep assessments fair and equitable for all the communities we serve no matter how large or small.


  • Market Drive is the main CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) software we use. It was created by Wisconsin Assessors for Wisconsin Assessors and complies and exceeds all of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue standards. By using CAMA software it allows us to be more accurate in values and more equitable. We are able to electronically communicate with any county in the state. It also allows us to communicate with the state for all sales information coming and going. Market drive also tracks all personal property for us. For more information on what other features Market Drive has to offer, go to We also have experience using other CAMA software available on the market today. 


  • All commercial properties are valued using Marshall and Swift within Market Drive. Marshall and Swift is the industry standard around the world for the commercial appraising field.


  • We have the ability to do electronic sketching using state of the art Apex software. This helps cut down on square footage errors. To see just what Apex is, please visit and watch a video demonstrating the Apex software in action.


  • GIS mapping systems are commonly used by us. It allows us to help track the ever changing use in land. It easily allows us to verify Ag lands, forest land, swamp, etc.. We can then take this information into the field and verify it more accurately.


  • Pictomery is one of the newest technologies on the market that can be used in the assessment field. It allows us to see properties from up to 20+ different angles.  It can even allow us to recheck measurements that may be in question. One of the most useful features with Pictomery is HitachiSoft “House Diff”. It can actually find omitted properties, additions that may have been done with no permits, new buildings added with no permits, and allow us to double check our field work. All of this allows us to be more knowledgeable and accurate in our work before we ever step foot on a property and long after we’ve been gone. This helps us to keep accurate records in between reassessments, when an assessor may not be out to visit a property for 5+ years. For more information on Pictomery, take a look at and look under the government section for assessors. They provide great informationon how this works, along with demonstrational videos. This technology is only useable if your county or community has flyovers done by Pictomery or one of its business partners (ie: Microsoft). Many counties in Wisconsin have this technology and more continue to come on board.


  • Our website provides a wealth of information for the community. We have the ability to have all assessment information available 24 hours a day. We also have many links to publications that help everyone better understand the assessment process.


By using Bowmar Appraisal as your assessor, you get not only one of the most long standing and trusted names in the assessment business but you also get a company who keeps up with the changing times in the assessment field.